Why Wine Charms?

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Wine glass charms are a delightful way to add sparkle to a dinner party table or a wine and cheese get-together. Or even when a friend stops by after work for a drink.

Traditionally, wine glass charms were used so guests could distinguish their wine glasses from those of other guests – hence, each charm would be a different color and/or shape. Today, however, wine charms are a way to say you care by dressing up your party glasses and perhaps by sending each guest home with a lovely favor.

sml Guest Charms

The wine charms from Barb’s Cottage come in many forms, so they can be used quite creatively. For example, several weeks ago I gave a small luncheon as a going-away party for Nick and Kristen, friends who were moving from the Hill Country to Pennsylvania. Each wine glass on the table had a yellow rose of Texas wine charm attached, and the toast was, “Never forget Texas.” The 6 charms were then given to Nick and Kristen as the perfect going-away gift.

sml yellow rose

One of our most recent wine charm sets is of sugar skulls, right on time for taking to the annual Halloween party:

sugar skulls

And picture the Thanksgiving dinner table adorned with gorgeous fall leaves attached to every wine glass:

sml Fall Leaves

Or, Christmas dinner with poinsettias:

Sml poinsettia

Consider taking a set of wine charms to the next dinner party you attend as a hostess gift instead of the proverbial bottle of wine. Or, even better, take both!

My next blog will be a blow-by-blow description of how we make wine charms at Barb’s Cottage.