Make Wine Charms

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Making wine charms is easy to do! Here’s all you need for starters: tiles for the charms, glue, & bails:

sml glueWe use E6000 for glue all of our wine accessories and jewelry. It’s the best glue for jewelry making that we know of and it is now available locally – try Hobby Lobby. The bails are from Etsy, where we get a lot of our supplies. Here’s what the tiles look like from the back:

sml backs

I usually glue 6 at a time but you might want to start with fewer. The glue works best if you put a little on both items that will be glued together and if you let it set for just a minute before putting them together. I squeeze a bit of glue onto wax paper &, with a round toothpick, put a scant amount on each porcelain tile & on a corresponding bail. By the time I finish putting on all the glue, it is time to fasten each bail to its tile.

sml gluedNow it is time to wait. I leave the glued charms for at least an hour before adding the loops. By then, a little careful handling should be ok. But don’t immediately start to add the loops to newly glued charms – let them sit for a good while so the glue can set up.

sml 2 sets gluedI got another set of bird charms glued and then worked on some other project while the glue set. Later I added the loops, which we also get from vendors on Etsy.

sml birds in circleCheck out all of the wine glass charms at Barb’s Cottage. If you would like to buy just the charms and make your own, just let us know. We will make the charms available for you at Barb’s Cottage on Etsy.